Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bad News, Bad News, Good News.

I start almost every morning by drinking copious amounts of coffee while I sit with my wife in our living room. On most days, we can open the window, and enjoy the fresh morning air. it’s one of the best parts of my day. But everyday, at some rotten point, I decide to ask Alexa to play is the NPR news briefing, and everything falls to shit.

“Man rescues family of kittens stuck up a tree, becomes neighborhood hero” is not, nor will ever be, a story that we hear. I don’t think that good news is even a form of reporting that anyone is comfortable with these. In fact, each briefing follows roughly the same outline:

Trump did some fucking shit today
A bunch of people died because of some awful dirtbag scum
Other people died because of this weather thing
Trump also did this fucking thing

Today was worse than normal. The “fucking shit” that Trump did today was actually two fucking shits. 

That evil shyster Pence cast a tie breaking vote to begin the process of “Repeal and Replace” in regards to Obamacare. A special thank you goes out to John McCain, who, just back from life-saving surgery, swooped in just in time to vote against keeping 22 million people insured. Well thank god for that piece of garbage. I don’t even know where to begin with healthcare in this country, so I’ll just leave that for now. 

The other little tidbit of news that Trump decided to tweet early this morning was that he’s decided that transgender people are now no longer fit to serve in the military. Some gibberish about medical costs. Clearly a bullshit reason, as the armed forces spends more on viagra than it does on health care for trans people. 

I took to Facebook to try and make sense of this argument, but the only “reason” for this that I was able to discern from the uneducated twits re-spewing this hateful rhetoric was that trans people (and women too, for the record) shouldn’t be allowed into the military because they would distract the men. That’s right - we shouldn’t let capable Americans fight for this country because some scurvy honky bastard from Mississippi can’t cope with having a woman, or worse yet, a transgendered person (GASP), fighting by their side. When will we, as a country, grow up?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world that I am bringing a child in to. 

But it’s that fact that actually pulls me up from the depression that is brought on by the current state of evil in this world. I am bringing a person into the world. A person that I will get to teach. A person that I will guide. A person that I will love, and will show how to love others. And it’s exactly these things that we need right now, trying to fight this war of ignorance and hate. We need to teach the next generation of people that there is no room for hate and bigotry anymore.

So I give thanks that this little unborn person is actually saving me from the sadness that this world can create, and giving me the energy and courage to stand up for those that can’t, and leave a better world for those that follow. 

And maybe it’s time I take a day or two off from those damn NPR news briefings.

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